Untitled 8


My love,

Come with me

Into my dreams

And we’ll build a city

Away from fear

And demons of past

Come with me

So you can see

That in your eyes

I live again

In your light

I’m safe and preserved

Come with me

And I will tell you

I’m no longer a caged bird

You demolish my old tombs

You shatter my veils

With you, I fly again

Come with me

So I may look at you

Seep you in

For you complete me

Come with me

And I will tell you

I have been a wandering soul

Wonderful and wild

I’ve been a pearl

Shelled and coiled

I’ve been a broken diamond

Scented and bruised

With memories

Of mud and rain

But when I saw you

I died and was born again

Come with me

And I will dance

To the rhythm of my heart

And I will dance

So long as the song lasts

Come with me

And stay

And if I may say

If only for a moment

Never go away













Untitled 7

Girl at window by Salvador Dali

My Love,

In my poems

I give you a part of me

The most serene and pure

Part of me

My poems

I write in blissful sleep

With angels bestowing 

Their love and belief

My poems 

Are a memory of me

A secret painting only for you

For you to live in

When I merge into sea

My poems

Are a reflection of you

These verses are drenched

With the scent of you

For me to absorb

When you shine with stars

My poems 

I write in the language of my heart

And I send them to you

Through breeze

They are more precious

Than my laughter and life

I give them only to you

My poems 

I hope will preserve you

In the times

When night gets too dark

And the sea stirs a storm in rage

In my verses I will protect you

My poems

When you read

Hold them to your heart

And let me melt into you

For I know

Stillness will take its toll

But even in quietness 

I will speak to you




Untitled 6

Picture Credits:  Rose by Chuck Evans

My love

As I think of you

You will feel it in the morning breeze

That playfully brushes against your cheek

As I think of you

I write to you in your dreams

When the world is asleep

And we talk in silence

Exchanging glances like only we do

And I want to stay forever

Looking into your eyes

Imagining angels and paradise

As I think of you

And visit you in dreams

I will tell things

That I’m too shy to speak

That you overwhelm me

And what I feel for you, my love

Is without a label or claim

It is preserved in its secrecy

Untainted and unbroken

What I feel is beyond the knowledge

Of my reality

As I think of you

I’m drenched in exclusive delight

That No moon No sun No stars

No river No sea No tide

No sky No tree No bud

No earth No heaven and nothing in between

Have ever witnessed

That No song No letter

No poem No prose No word

No lyric No rhythm No tune

Can ever convey

Even in ten thousand centuries

As I think of you

A secret joy kills me

I may not be able to contain it

The thought of you, my love

Surpasses eternity

Untitled 5

Picture Credits: Ann R Weiler

As I sit with you

Under the purple skies

With the tides kissing our feet

I wonder

If this is a dream

I was a plant

Dead and dry

And you my summer shower

As I sit with you

I bloom like a rose

I touch the stars

I sail the seas

I wonder

If this is a dream

As I walk with you

In the pouring rain

I can feel your freshness in me

Like a secret untold

I wonder

If this is a dream

As I sit with you

I find all that I lost

In the alchemy of your words

I’m formed again

I wonder

If this is a dream

As I come with you

Away from those lies

Madmen, tricksters and noise

The tears and smiles

Volcanoes and storms

Play with me in peace

I wonder

If this is a dream

Now as I’m with you

I see you with me across ages

A gentle breeze passes through me

Settling me in blissful ease

And I realized

With you alone I live

Even in my dreams


Picture credits: Unknown

Today as the sounds recede,

The Lord of seas

Marches to his Lady Moon.

But his chariot falls short of life,

He roars in agony.

The road is too long to breathe,

The night too dark to hide.

He roars, he laments his fate.

Till his voice remains overshadowed

By the evil clouds of night.

As he gasps for the remnants of his Love,

She breaks the chains of eternity.

With the gait as gentle as a rose petal,

She pours her glistening amore,

As calmly as a mother feeding her child….

Her shimmering effigy,

Cures his pain &sorrow.

With the distance

That never tires of prolonging itself,

The look at each other everyday,

With the eyes too innocent for human reach.

They sing their songs of silence,

In a voice too fragile for mortal ears.

When he touches her, with the sea breeze….

She feels the closest to heaven

They know that the dawn will break

As every dream does.

Their rendezvous will wind up.

But they wait for the day called night to rise again,

She knows that over the hills, she’ll be in his arms again…

They wait

Like us!

Untitled 4


Picture credits: Volcano by Glenn Farquhar

In you

I found me

In you

They rise and fall

Lost skies

And turbulent waters

Hurricanes that run wild

And the raging volcanoes

In you

The cosmos gets lit again

The stars and  moon

They fall in love

In you

The dark clouds claim their reign

And the rain floods

My hungry heart

In you

My masks wither away

And a thousand veils shatter and die

The devastation becomes life again

In you

There is a gathering of madness

Where I seek my love

Of dreams illusions and joy

In you

I find my path and end

In your eyes

I’m born a million times

In you

I plead to rest forever

I place my destiny

For I know not of the divine

So I give you my eternity.

Untitled 3

Picture credits: Blackburn and friends

One day

In the tides of time

I will wither away in winds astray

You will unite with secret stars

In the tides of time

I will dance eternally

In the soothing light you leave behind

Light that will heal me and keep me

In the tides of time

Your quietness will be my home

In your silence I will die

For in your silence I’m more alive

In the tides of time

I will consume myself unabashedly

Your memories

Will give me wings of life

In the tides of time

As you go

I will have my heart cut bit by bit

For I wish to feel the pain

A million times

In the tides of time

If you fly away

I will not cry

For I will move with you

You are my sky









Untitled 2

Picture credits: Davide De Palma

You and me
We walk on lost streets
We meet and we part in illusion
Like the ocean and sky at horizon.
You and me
We witness each other
In a moment that we meet
We can feel thousand rivers flowing
And wind filled with hymns
You and me
We sit by the sea
And stars watch us breathe
Your melody in me
My rhythm in you
You and me
In a moment that we meet
The sky, the earth and all the worlds
They cease to exist
Without you for me
Without me for you
You and me
In a moment that we meet
We live centuries in half a breath each
So in a moment that we meet
What can life, death and beyond take….
From you and me

Untitled (because untitled objects are like things hidden in the attic..you have to pull them out to see)

The purple robes fall again

My wandering soul sets out again,

For a home I may call mine.

I travel the deserted streets,

With a portrait from a memory.

I look for you in empty houses

Sometimes in the castles of my mind.

The moon shines bright,

And I find you by the sea.

Preserved across ages,

Like the million universes in my eyes,

That only you recognize.

I find you

To lose myself.

For in you, I’m built again.

As you hold me

I know I’ll never be lost.

For I’m me no more,

I’m dissolved in the radiance of your eyes

That emanate with stainless love.

I know my journey will curl in time,

So I hold you in my dreams,

For in my dreams the time falls short

Of reaching you and me.

I may not know who you are,

But I love you not knowing,

How, when and where.

I love you in the summer breeze

I love you in Autumn trees.

I love you simply,

And seek not from you.

My love for you is not yours to give.

I take my love

With no pride

And none of your promises

I love you like I dream

Constantly, happily and eternally

I’m yours..so much so

That as I embark upon a dream again,

My eyes close,

And you fall asleep.

Picture credits: Feet – Tom Sierak

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