Untitled 13

Picture Credits: Beach lovers by Vickie Wade

Over the hills

Across the sea

Stood a valley

Pure and green

There bloomed a bud

Precious with dew

In its heart lived a queen

Untouched like a dream

Her heart so wild

And spirit free

She lived by the stars

And slept by the leaves

Singing her dreams

And playing her tunes

She would pray to the sea

To give her the moon

She whispered her wishes

To the velvet waves at feet

With the sea wind

Guarding her memories

She would run wild

With a heart of a child

Looking at the stars

Too much for the sky

And with flowers

Worshipping her mysteries

She slept on a dream

Like a voyage serene

But the cunning winds

They loot they steal

Like a storm

That destroys from within

My maiden lost her light and shine

As the sea lost

Her memories divine

And now my queen

With a heart in a flower

Fell to the seabed

Locked in time

Her tears hidden

Forever and saline

Her voice silent

Deep inside

She lived with rocks

Pebbles and moss

For a thousand years

Beaten and lost

Until on a day unlike rest

With sun so bright

A happy bird

Brought a lovely song

A single sound

For the deafened ears

Reminding her love

And the beauty she was

Music wrapped around

Like wings to fly

She scaled so high

She flew across the waters

By the hills to see

Her savior

An alchemist of life and bliss

There he was

Gentle and free

With stars in his eyes

Sold by the sky

Sun in his hair

And a heart that was hers

He said to her

‘I was waiting always’…






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