Untitled 12


Sailing with the sea wind

Across a sea with no shore

She braved a raging tempest

And tides with wild roar

No ghosts and no memories

No meadows to long for

Her heart was a wild breeze

Vast deep mystery and more

Flying by the crimson sky

Drowned in ruthless pour

Down came a butterfly

Caught midway to flowers of yore

Landing in her eye

It weaved across her heart

Merging in its wings and colours

It was her love and art

Travelling to grass

It bought her nectar and flowers

Scaling the skies

As the sun played his part

She watched its wings in air

She could feel like a dream

Her feet across the grass

With her love by the stream

On a day like rest

But not as much

The heaven sent a storm

And a raven in its gale

It scaled across the sky

In its pursuit

Of the innocent butterfly

She battled many a bruises

She saved it in her heart

The raven returned with no hope

After many a try

But the determined sea

Was merciless

In its wake to the sky

So she traced the horizon

With tears in her eyes

To save her love

The one who shouldn’t cry

So as the sea

Pulled her inward

Her sails anchored to seabed

She bid farewell to her heart

Sending it to the moon

Through a kaleidoscope

And a magic wand

Safe from the tides so wry

And then she set her final sails

With a smile

To a world far below

As her lover

Flew into night

Safe and high above

There they lived forever

A heart and a butterfly


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