Untitled 10

Picture Credits: Celia Thaxter’s Isles of Shoals, Maine

Walking on long grass

Looking at the fireworks

Searching for a dream

She never knew

Flying to the stars

Consulting with birds

On a merry – go – round she flew

Heaven and earth

Left her low

With no signs of you

So she led herself

To magicians and crystal balls

And the tales they brew

Tales that served her little hope

She lay down with leaves

Whispering her love

To daffodils

Her tears their glistening dew

Tired and tested

Drifting to the island of sleep

She prayed her love comes true

And smiling angels from

Heaven above sent their love

Through and through

So in her sails of dreams

She stole a map

With a cheerful thank you

Sailing with winds and birds

She reached a garden

Where mystic winds blew

And then she woke

In innocence and delight

She found her beside you

With whispers of love

And breathe of joy

They stared at skies

Of peacock blue


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