Untitled 9


Sail with me

Aimless and free

Like scattered clouds

In envious sky

As the sun recedes

With golden dust on green

At the summoning of twilight

Blinded to all

One with the dark

Following the trails

Of our hearts

To vastness and mystery

Into timeless seas

Sail with me

And I will write you songs

In deep sapphire of your eyes

That the blackbird

Will sing to breeze

Sail with me

To the secret waves

Merging and falling into sea

Shores adorned with wild blossoms

Blushing at the breath of gentle blow

Sail with me

And you will tell me

The secrets of the stars

As my laughter illuminates

Our darkness

Sail with me

On an endless voyage

We’ll create a world in skies

With colours to our dreams

Where I can love

Beyond the depths of your eyes

And you can love

Beyond my innocent grin

Sail with me

To a magic shore

So I’ll blow away

In merry wind

You’ll merge

In mystic sea

And I’ll caress you

With my childish laugh

Ever night and day

Beyond infinity



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