Untitled 7

Girl at window by Salvador Dali

My Love,

In my poems

I give you a part of me

The most serene and pure

Part of me

My poems

I write in blissful sleep

With angels bestowing 

Their love and belief

My poems 

Are a memory of me

A secret painting only for you

For you to live in

When I merge into sea

My poems

Are a reflection of you

These verses are drenched

With the scent of you

For me to absorb

When you shine with stars

My poems 

I write in the language of my heart

And I send them to you

Through breeze

They are more precious

Than my laughter and life

I give them only to you

My poems 

I hope will preserve you

In the times

When night gets too dark

And the sea stirs a storm in rage

In my verses I will protect you

My poems

When you read

Hold them to your heart

And let me melt into you

For I know

Stillness will take its toll

But even in quietness 

I will speak to you





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