Untitled 6

Picture Credits:  Rose by Chuck Evans

My love

As I think of you

You will feel it in the morning breeze

That playfully brushes against your cheek

As I think of you

I write to you in your dreams

When the world is asleep

And we talk in silence

Exchanging glances like only we do

And I want to stay forever

Looking into your eyes

Imagining angels and paradise

As I think of you

And visit you in dreams

I will tell things

That I’m too shy to speak

That you overwhelm me

And what I feel for you, my love

Is without a label or claim

It is preserved in its secrecy

Untainted and unbroken

What I feel is beyond the knowledge

Of my reality

As I think of you

I’m drenched in exclusive delight

That No moon No sun No stars

No river No sea No tide

No sky No tree No bud

No earth No heaven and nothing in between

Have ever witnessed

That No song No letter

No poem No prose No word

No lyric No rhythm No tune

Can ever convey

Even in ten thousand centuries

As I think of you

A secret joy kills me

I may not be able to contain it

The thought of you, my love

Surpasses eternity


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