Picture credits: Unknown

Today as the sounds recede,

The Lord of seas

Marches to his Lady Moon.

But his chariot falls short of life,

He roars in agony.

The road is too long to breathe,

The night too dark to hide.

He roars, he laments his fate.

Till his voice remains overshadowed

By the evil clouds of night.

As he gasps for the remnants of his Love,

She breaks the chains of eternity.

With the gait as gentle as a rose petal,

She pours her glistening amore,

As calmly as a mother feeding her child….

Her shimmering effigy,

Cures his pain &sorrow.

With the distance

That never tires of prolonging itself,

The look at each other everyday,

With the eyes too innocent for human reach.

They sing their songs of silence,

In a voice too fragile for mortal ears.

When he touches her, with the sea breeze….

She feels the closest to heaven

They know that the dawn will break

As every dream does.

Their rendezvous will wind up.

But they wait for the day called night to rise again,

She knows that over the hills, she’ll be in his arms again…

They wait

Like us!


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