Untitled (because untitled objects are like things hidden in the attic..you have to pull them out to see)

The purple robes fall again

My wandering soul sets out again,

For a home I may call mine.

I travel the deserted streets,

With a portrait from a memory.

I look for you in empty houses

Sometimes in the castles of my mind.

The moon shines bright,

And I find you by the sea.

Preserved across ages,

Like the million universes in my eyes,

That only you recognize.

I find you

To lose myself.

For in you, I’m built again.

As you hold me

I know I’ll never be lost.

For I’m me no more,

I’m dissolved in the radiance of your eyes

That emanate with stainless love.

I know my journey will curl in time,

So I hold you in my dreams,

For in my dreams the time falls short

Of reaching you and me.

I may not know who you are,

But I love you not knowing,

How, when and where.

I love you in the summer breeze

I love you in Autumn trees.

I love you simply,

And seek not from you.

My love for you is not yours to give.

I take my love

With no pride

And none of your promises

I love you like I dream

Constantly, happily and eternally

I’m yours..so much so

That as I embark upon a dream again,

My eyes close,

And you fall asleep.

Picture credits: Feet – Tom Sierak

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