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The silent television that no one turned off

To the truth and beyond any doubt to purity that echoes in the madness of an uncensored mind. A constant reminder that my heart knows better than the times that have past. This is an attempt for a voice that is resilient to the most chaotic silences.

A place to store me and more….


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Untitled 15


It is a structure

It is a cage that binds

All my flights

It is a dark cloud

It locks the sun that smiles

I become a loner

Tell me

You’ll love me in this storm

If I could shake them

All these aliens

A mob of tricksters

They pull me under

A sea of leaves

Those writhe in winter

As the cold wind burns my lung

Tell me

You’ll hold me in this storm

And then I wither

It steals a bit by bit

Until you’ll see nothing more

But an empty shell and broken teeth

Tell me

You’ll save me from this storm

And take me home

To keep me warm

And if I ask you now

Will you take me over?

Keep me safe from my stranger?


Untitled 14

Picture Credits: Running Children by Vickie Wade

Be it as it may

Our hearts pure

As winter snow

Hand in hand

We circle the world

Be it as it may

We sit

By the golden fields

Looking at the sky

Blue for me

Orange for you

Lend your scent

To the breeze

For the times

You will be away

Be it as it may

We hide by the trees

Whispering our wishes

And tossing coins into sea

Exchanging promises

That leaves bend to steal

Be it as it may

We have the night and the sea

And I’ll share my laughter

With the dancing flowers

For when you want to meet

Under the stars

You show me your world

Dog eared maps

Coins stuck in torn jeans

You ponder over the mystery

Be it as it may

My dog circles us

Glances of envy green

I give you

My magic shells and keys

And birds I hide in dreams

Be it as it may

We sleep pleasantly

Lips adorned

With crumbs and smiles

Under the velvet skies

Be it as it may

We will forever be

Boy with a map

Girl with a key

Circling the world

Under tender sun

Be it as it may

We live

In each other’s hearts

Cramped with beats

As promises within






Untitled 13

Picture Credits: Beach lovers by Vickie Wade

Over the hills

Across the sea

Stood a valley

Pure and green

There bloomed a bud

Precious with dew

In its heart lived a queen

Untouched like a dream

Her heart so wild

And spirit free

She lived by the stars

And slept by the leaves

Singing her dreams

And playing her tunes

She would pray to the sea

To give her the moon

She whispered her wishes

To the velvet waves at feet

With the sea wind

Guarding her memories

She would run wild

With a heart of a child

Looking at the stars

Too much for the sky

And with flowers

Worshipping her mysteries

She slept on a dream

Like a voyage serene

But the cunning winds

They loot they steal

Like a storm

That destroys from within

My maiden lost her light and shine

As the sea lost

Her memories divine

And now my queen

With a heart in a flower

Fell to the seabed

Locked in time

Her tears hidden

Forever and saline

Her voice silent

Deep inside

She lived with rocks

Pebbles and moss

For a thousand years

Beaten and lost

Until on a day unlike rest

With sun so bright

A happy bird

Brought a lovely song

A single sound

For the deafened ears

Reminding her love

And the beauty she was

Music wrapped around

Like wings to fly

She scaled so high

She flew across the waters

By the hills to see

Her savior

An alchemist of life and bliss

There he was

Gentle and free

With stars in his eyes

Sold by the sky

Sun in his hair

And a heart that was hers

He said to her

‘I was waiting always’…





Untitled 12


Sailing with the sea wind

Across a sea with no shore

She braved a raging tempest

And tides with wild roar

No ghosts and no memories

No meadows to long for

Her heart was a wild breeze

Vast deep mystery and more

Flying by the crimson sky

Drowned in ruthless pour

Down came a butterfly

Caught midway to flowers of yore

Landing in her eye

It weaved across her heart

Merging in its wings and colours

It was her love and art

Travelling to grass

It bought her nectar and flowers

Scaling the skies

As the sun played his part

She watched its wings in air

She could feel like a dream

Her feet across the grass

With her love by the stream

On a day like rest

But not as much

The heaven sent a storm

And a raven in its gale

It scaled across the sky

In its pursuit

Of the innocent butterfly

She battled many a bruises

She saved it in her heart

The raven returned with no hope

After many a try

But the determined sea

Was merciless

In its wake to the sky

So she traced the horizon

With tears in her eyes

To save her love

The one who shouldn’t cry

So as the sea

Pulled her inward

Her sails anchored to seabed

She bid farewell to her heart

Sending it to the moon

Through a kaleidoscope

And a magic wand

Safe from the tides so wry

And then she set her final sails

With a smile

To a world far below

As her lover

Flew into night

Safe and high above

There they lived forever

A heart and a butterfly

Untitled 11


Love is a star

In my heart

I hide with warmth

And blessings from Lord

Love is a bird

In my breath

Flames in its flight

That seasons can’t tame

Love is a moon

In my eye

Bound by the clouds

Kaleidoscope sky

Love is a song

In my dreams

Dressed with hymns

Gifted by mountain breeze

Love is a scent

From the rains at the gates

Covers me with grace

Love is the air

In my lungs

And I wish

You could

Sing with me too

But keep me safe

In your heart

Until we do













Untitled 10

Picture Credits: Celia Thaxter’s Isles of Shoals, Maine

Walking on long grass

Looking at the fireworks

Searching for a dream

She never knew

Flying to the stars

Consulting with birds

On a merry – go – round she flew

Heaven and earth

Left her low

With no signs of you

So she led herself

To magicians and crystal balls

And the tales they brew

Tales that served her little hope

She lay down with leaves

Whispering her love

To daffodils

Her tears their glistening dew

Tired and tested

Drifting to the island of sleep

She prayed her love comes true

And smiling angels from

Heaven above sent their love

Through and through

So in her sails of dreams

She stole a map

With a cheerful thank you

Sailing with winds and birds

She reached a garden

Where mystic winds blew

And then she woke

In innocence and delight

She found her beside you

With whispers of love

And breathe of joy

They stared at skies

Of peacock blue

Untitled 9


Sail with me

Aimless and free

Like scattered clouds

In envious sky

As the sun recedes

With golden dust on green

At the summoning of twilight

Blinded to all

One with the dark

Following the trails

Of our hearts

To vastness and mystery

Into timeless seas

Sail with me

And I will write you songs

In deep sapphire of your eyes

That the blackbird

Will sing to breeze

Sail with me

To the secret waves

Merging and falling into sea

Shores adorned with wild blossoms

Blushing at the breath of gentle blow

Sail with me

And you will tell me

The secrets of the stars

As my laughter illuminates

Our darkness

Sail with me

On an endless voyage

We’ll create a world in skies

With colours to our dreams

Where I can love

Beyond the depths of your eyes

And you can love

Beyond my innocent grin

Sail with me

To a magic shore

So I’ll blow away

In merry wind

You’ll merge

In mystic sea

And I’ll caress you

With my childish laugh

Ever night and day

Beyond infinity


Untitled 8


My love,

Come with me

Into my dreams

And we’ll build a city

Away from fear

And demons of past

Come with me

So you can see

That in your eyes

I live again

In your light

I’m safe and preserved

Come with me

And I will tell you

I’m no longer a caged bird

You demolish my old tombs

You shatter my veils

With you, I fly again

Come with me

So I may look at you

Seep you in

For you complete me

Come with me

And I will tell you

I have been a wandering soul

Wonderful and wild

I’ve been a pearl

Shelled and coiled

I’ve been a broken diamond

Scented and bruised

With memories

Of mud and rain

But when I saw you

I died and was born again

Come with me

And I will dance

To the rhythm of my heart

And I will dance

So long as the song lasts

Come with me

And stay

And if I may say

If only for a moment

Never go away












Untitled 7

Girl at window by Salvador Dali

My Love,

In my poems

I give you a part of me

The most serene and pure

Part of me

My poems

I write in blissful sleep

With angels bestowing 

Their love and belief

My poems 

Are a memory of me

A secret painting only for you

For you to live in

When I merge into sea

My poems

Are a reflection of you

These verses are drenched

With the scent of you

For me to absorb

When you shine with stars

My poems 

I write in the language of my heart

And I send them to you

Through breeze

They are more precious

Than my laughter and life

I give them only to you

My poems 

I hope will preserve you

In the times

When night gets too dark

And the sea stirs a storm in rage

In my verses I will protect you

My poems

When you read

Hold them to your heart

And let me melt into you

For I know

Stillness will take its toll

But even in quietness 

I will speak to you




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